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There are plenty of resources to help Stanford Engineering students make the most of their time at the university. See below for links on both the many opportunities to expand your college experience and on how to map out a successful academic path to graduation.

Information for Students

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Your Department

Your departmental program student services staff and advisor can provide invaluable advice and encouragement. Link to specific SoE departmental staff to find out more about declaring a major or minor, to choose an advisor, to find research opportunities, and to apply to graduate-level programs. Click here for a list of SoE departments and major programs.

Handbook for Undergraduate Engineering Programs

The Handbook for Undergraduate Engineering Programs (UGHB) website is the definitive resource for undergraduate engineers. Start on the Home page to find links to useful information including:

  • Details on all SoE major, minor, and honors programs
  • Program sheet, 4-year plan, and petition form links
  • Policies and procedures that affect engineering students
  • Courses approved for use in math, science, and other academic requirements
  • How and where to go abroad for a quarter or the summer (Chapter 8)
  • Pointers on career planning and summer options (Chapter 9)
  • Advice on how to prepare for graduation

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is located in the Dean's Office in the School of Engineering, 135 Huang. Come to us to

  • Get help with school-level policies or procedures
  • File an academic petition to transfer credit to your UG major
  • Get answers on prep for undergraduate graduation
  • Pick up a copy of the UG Engineering Handbook
  • Find out about the China Internship Programs

Check the OSA links in the navigation box above for contact information and the UGHB website for forms and details on listed topics.

Pre-Major Advising

The office for Undergraduate Academic Life in Sweet Hall, 4th Floor, provides advising services to all undergraduates, including advice from peer advisors, freshman and sophomore advisors, and preparation for graduate school. In addition, your freshman advisor is available throughout your undergraduate career.

Research opportunities

This Stanford Engineering program provides provides undergraduate engineering students with the means and opportunity to work with faculty members and their research groups in the summer. The Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) helps involves young engineers in advanced research projects, while increasing the number of talented, enthusiastic students who pursue an education in engineering. For more information contact your department.

Engineering Diversity Programs

The School of Engineering invests in a broad range of recruitment and retention programs geared towards increasing the breadth and diversity of engineering. Go to the EDP site for information on the Summer Session Grant, Accelerated Calculus, Opportunity Job Fair, and other programs of interest to current undergraduates. Find also pre-college and graduate level programs, as well as links to student groups, such as the diversity societies.

Entrepreneurship & Networking

The Career Resources page lists opportunities for campus-based ventures, career fairs, and networking resources.

What's Next?

Get a head start on life after Stanford by making an early connection to our Career Resources Center (CDC) – you are encouraged to register during your frosh year to keep abreast of upcoming workshops, career fairs, and other offerings of interest. The CDC offers invaluable career planning services, but also can connect you with the perfect internship, with alumni in your field of interest, or with a summer job. Student job and internship listings or links, including the SoE programs in China, can also be found on the Jobs & Internships page.

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