Areas of Study

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Engineering Degrees

The School of Engineering is home to nine departments, more than 240 faculty, and more than 4,000 students. 

  • Aeronautics and Astronautics (AA)
    A multidisciplinary program that emphasizes structural, aerodynamic, guidance and control and propulsion problems of aircraft and spacecraft.
    Undergraduate degrees offered: ENGR-BS, ENGR-Minor
    Graduate degrees offered: MS, Engineer’s Degree, PhD

  • Bioengineering (BioE)
    A fusion of engineering, the life sciences and medicine.
    Undergraduate degrees offered: ENGR-BS, ENGR-BSH
    Graduate degrees offered: MS, PhD, PhD minor, MD Scholarly Concentration, MD/PhD Program

  • Chemical Engineering (ChemE)
    Fundamental knowledge and pioneering technologies in chemical science & engineering.
    Undergraduate degrees offered: BS, Minor
    Graduate degrees offered: MS, PhD

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)
    CE: Design, construction and management of sustainable buildings and infrastructure. ENVEN: Assess and develop solutions to environmental issues impacting the biosphere, land, water, and air quality
    Undergraduate degrees offered: CE-BS, CE-BSH, CE-Minor; ENVEN-BS, ENVEN-BSH, ENVEN-Minor
    Graduate degrees offered: MS, Engineer, PhD
    Programs within CEE: Architectural Design, Atmosphere/Energy, Construction Program, Environmental Engineering & Science, Environmental Fluid Mechanics And Hydrology, Structural Engineering & Geomechanics

  • Computer Science (CS)
    The science of computing in a wide-ranging field of focus areas.
    Undergraduate degrees offered: CS-BS, CS-BSH, CS-Minor
    Graduate degrees offered: MS, PhD

  • Electrical Engineering (EE)
    Built on a foundation of physical science, math, computing, & technology.
    Undergraduate degrees offered: EE-BS, EE-BSH, EE-Minor
    Graduate degrees offered: MS, Engineer, PhD

  • Management Science and Engineering (MS&E)
    Plan, design and implement complex economic and technological management systems.
    Undergraduate degrees offered: MGTSC-BS, MGTSC-Minor
    Graduate degrees offered: MS, PhD
  • Materials Science and Engineering (MatSci)
    Study the relation between the structure, processing and properties of materials.
    Undergraduate degrees offered: MATSC-BS, MATSC-Minor
    Graduate degrees offered: MS, PhD

  • Mechanical Engineering (ME)
    Conceptualization, analysis, design, and fabrication of mechanical devices, processes and systems.
    Undergraduate degrees offered: ME-BS, ME-BSH, ME-Minor
    Graduate degrees offered: MS, PhD
    Programs within Mechanical Engineering: Biomechanical Engineering, Product Design, Flow Physics & Computation, Mechanics & Computation, Thermosciences

Interdepartmental, Interdisciplinary Majors & Programs in Engineering

  • Architectural Design (AD)
    Blending architectural design with cutting-edge engineering technologies.
    Undergraduate degrees offered: ENGR-BS, ENGR-BSH

  • Biomechanical Engineering (BME)
    Integrates biology and clinical medicine with engineering mechanics and design.
    Undergraduate degrees offered: ENGR-BS, ENGR-BSH
    Graduate degrees offered: MS

  • Biomedical Computation (BMC)
    Combines biology, medicine and computer science in a cutting-edge interdisciplinary degree.
    Undergraduate degrees offered: ENGR-BS, ENGR-BSH

  • Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME)
    Classical areas of the physical sciences combined with new emerging areas of business, biology, information and medicine.
    Undergraduate degrees offered: None
    Graduate degrees offered: MS, PhD, PhD Minor

  • Engineering Physics (EPhys)
    Combines physics and mathematics with engineering design and problem-solving skills.
    Undergraduate degrees offered: ENGR-BS, ENGR-BSH

  • Product Design (PD)
    Mechanical engineering with a focus on product conception and design.
    Undergraduate degrees offered: ENGR-BS
    Graduate degrees offered: MS

  • Individually Designed Majors (IDMEN)
    Design your own program in an area not covered by existing majors.              Undergraduate degrees offered: IDMEN-BS, IDMEN-BSH

Energy Resources Engineering (formerly Petroleum Engineering) is a degree program within the School of Earth Sciences
A program focused on design of processes for energy production and energy transformations and the long-term storage of energy byproducts. 
Undergraduate degrees offered: BS
Graduate degrees offered: MS, Engineer, PhD