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Recent Articles

Pahnke, E., Katila, R. and Eisenhardt K. 2015. Who takes you to the dance? How partners' institutional logics influence innovation in young firms. Administrative Science Quarterly, 60: 561-595.

Bahceci, E., Katila R., Miikkulainen, R. 2015. Evolving strategies in social innovation games. Proceedings of the Conference on Genetics and Evolutionary Computation (GECCO).

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Katila, R. and Thatchenkery S. 2014. “Distant Search”  “Local Search” (review chapters on antecedents and consequences of organizational search) in D. Teece, M. Augier, C. Helfat (Eds.), Palgrave Encyclopedia of Strategic Management.

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Katila, R. and Mang, P. 1999. Interorganizational Development Activities: The Likelihood and Timing of Contracts. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, B1-B6.  Chicago: Academy of Management.

Research in Progress

Katila, R. 2005. Innovative product portfolios by navigating markets and technology. Working paper. Stanford University. (Wharton Technology Miniconference 2004).
Shluzas, L.A., Sadler, J., Currano, R.M., Sanks, T. Steinert, M., Katila, R.  2013. Comparing novice and expert user inputs in early stage product design. In Proceedings of the 5th International Congress of International Association of Societies of Design Research (IASDR), Tokyo, Japan.