Huang Engineering Center Special Exhibits

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The Huang Center illustrates the School of Engineering's track record of changing the world with exhibits distributed throughout the building. Look for a replica of the Hewlett-Packard garage, historic artifacts such as the original Yahoo! and Google servers, seminal texts, sketches and drawings from influential patents and papers, and unique and informative displays recognizing many of the important figures who have made Stanford Engineering a place synonymous with innovation. Each dean in our history has had a major impact on the nature of Stanford Engineering today.

Here are some of the things you will see and the people you can learn about when visiting the Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center:

HP Garage and Workbench

As electrical engineering undergraduates and graduate students at Stanford in the 1930s, William Hewlett and David Packard encountered three influences that would guide the rest of their lives: the excitement of technology, an entrepreneurial spirit in the emerging field of electronics, and each other's friendship. With help and inspiration from Professor Fred Terman, Packard and Hewlett co-founded an electronics company in 1939 in a garage on Addison St. in Palo Alto. They didn't have much - a little more than $500 and a used drill press. A prominent fixture of the garage was a simple, gray workbench, where the pair of engineers toiled to produce whatever "would bring in a nickel." One of their earlier customers was the Walt Disney Co., which bought oscillators for use in the classic movie Fantasia.

Location: The garage can be found on the terrace level of the Huang Center.


Huang Engineering Center Sketches

There are images and sketches from papers and patents on display in the engineering center that convey key ideas developed by Stanford Engineering faculty, students and alumni.

Location: Sketches are distributed throughout the building.

The Pillars of Stanford Engineering

Represented by both the physical columns that literally support the Huang Engineering Center building and the metaphorical pillars that have made Stanford University and the School of Engineering what they are today, there are two pillars located on each floor of the Huang Center.

List of pillars
Location: The pillars are found thoughout the building.

Touchstone Artifacts

There are many engineering innovations and ventures, such as anaerobic reactors, a Google storage server, and an assortment of Stanford microprocessors on display in the Huang Center.

List of artifacts 
Location: Artifacts are located on each floor of the Huang Engineering Center.


Alumni, Associates, and Heroes

Visitors to the Huang Center can learn about many of the deans, faculty members, and professors of Stanford University through interactive directories of the school's notable alumni and associates. The lists of deans, faculty, and professors can be found on the second floor, and an exhibit on Stanford engineering heroes and there stories can be found on the terrace level.

List of Deans
This online directory offers a comprehensive list of Stanford Engineering emeritus faculty, their departments, and years of tenure.

List of Emeritus Faculty
This online directory offers a comprehensive list of endowed positions at Stanford and the names of the individuals currently holding those positions.

List of Professorships
Stanford Engineering salutes the remarkable achievements of our alumni and faculty who are responsible for technical advances that make human, social, and economic progress possible. We are grateful for the impact of their work and the inspiration they provide to our students.

Stanford Engineering Heroes
Read the stories of several members of the Stanford community who have made salient contributions to their fields of engineering.