Engineering News

Computer scientists talk about problems and advances in natural language processing.
In his new book, Roth says people can lead more fulfilling lives by actually doing things instead of merely trying.
Stanford researchers stretch a thin crystal to create solar cells that absorb more energy.
2015 Maurice Wilkes Award honors Associate Professor Christos Kozyrakis for contributions to transactional memory technologies.

Robo pingpong: Stanford students design, 'teach' robots to play

After learning new software and programming languages, Stanford students in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have an opportunity to choose a creative task and design a robot to perform the task for demonstration. The tasks call for a wide range of fundamental skills but generally require the robot to sense where it is in space, detect objects around it and then autonomously interact with those objects in its environment. Recent projects include pingpong, the Japanese cup-and-ball game, Kendama and a landing pad that helps a quad-copter touch down safely.