Engineering News

Computer Science alum shares stories about working with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and his two flights to the International Space Station.
Excellence in Engineering Education Collaboration Award recognizes university's work with automaker on manufacturing design course.
Stanford engineers discover constraints in a popular technique for achieving one-way optical data transmission.
Assistant Professor Manu Prakash and his students have developed a computer that operates on the physics of water droplets.

Neural prosthetics: Krishna Shenoy at TEDxStanford

Krishna Shenoy, professor of electrical engineering, describes developing advanced prosthetic limbs. Shenoy directs the Neural Prosthetic Systems Lab, where his group conducts neuroscience and neuroengineering research to better understand how the brain controls movement and to design medical systems to assist those with movement disabilities.

This video is part of a package by Stanford News Service about efforts by engineers and neuroscientists to reverse engineer the brain and develop computers that can match our own mental agility.