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Faculty Stories

Learn more about the life experiences that have shaped the work of our faculty.

Professor Sheri Sheppard smiles for her portrait inside a building in the Science and Engineering Quad

The professor of mechanical engineering shares her journey and her joy in discovery, teaching, family and in helping her students embrace who they are.

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Two years before Abbas El Gamal was born in Cairo, his uncle drowned in a tragic accident just days before starting his PhD at MIT.

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Eric Shaqfeh’s first teaching experience came early in life, when his high school chemistry teacher, impressed by his student’s studiousness, invited Shaqfeh to explain a particularly difficult chapter to the class.

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When Pat Hanrahan was in elementary school, he was already checked out. Even though he was an inquisitive kid, he was not engaged and not doing well.

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Juan G. Santiago’s parents fled Fidel Castro’s Cuba in 1961 with the clothes on their backs, as airport guards robbed them of their personal possessions as a sendoff.

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Debbie Senesky was roughly 10 years old when the cassette player her grandfather had given her quit working.

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In a career spanning almost 40 years, Kathleen Eisenhardt has been a top-selling author, mom and consultant to tech executives from early ventures to the Fortune 500.

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Had it not been for his youthful skill at basketball, Yinyu Ye might never have enjoyed his long and distinguished career as the Kwoh-Ting Li Professor in the School of Engineering.

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When Gerald Fuller, the Fletcher Jones II Professor of Chemical Engineering, graduated from the University of Calgary, he was the first person in his family to have attended college.

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