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2019 Smart Fields Consortium

November 11, 2019 (All day)
Green Earth Sciences Building

Smart Fields Consortium Industrial Affiliates are invited to attend the 14th Annual Affiliates Meeting on November 11 & 12.

Presentation topics expected to include:

  •     Combined optimization of well placement and well control
  •     New developments in Stanford Unified Optimization Framework
  •     Use of surrogate models for optimization
  •     Machine learning methods for reservoir data analysis and prediction
  •     Multi-fidelity approaches for efficient uncertainty quantification
  •     Adjoint-based procedures in AD-GPRS for optimization and history matching
  •     Multi-objective history matching with production and seismic data
  •     History matching with coupled flow and geomechanics
  •     History matching using derivative-free methods
  •     Production forecasting and uncertainty quantification using data-space inversion
  •     Reduced-order models for reservoir simulation and CO2 storage
Event Sponsor: 
Energy Resources Engineering
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