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Art from Material Science

November 5, 2020 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Sachiko Kodama (Visual Artist) live from Japan on "Magnetic Fluid Sculptures"

Robert Buelteman (Cameraless Photographer) on "The Voice of the Biosphere Intruding on Human Unconsciousness"

The LASERs are an international program of evening gatherings that bring together artists, scientists, thinkers, inventors, and scholars who are working on paradigm shifts for informal presentations and conversation with the audience. Chaired by Piero Scaruffi. Visit for more details.

Sachiko Kodama is a Japanese artist who links emerging natural phenomena with plastic art to create mixed media works that reference the relationship between organic form/motion and light/sound. After graduating in Physics from the Department of Science at Hokkaido University, Sachiko enrolled in the Fine Arts program at the University of Tsukuba, where she obtained her master and PhD in Art and Design. Currently she is an associate professor of Art the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo. In 2000 Sachiko began work on a ferrofluid art project that she named "Protrude, Flow". In 2009-10 she studied digital design techniques in New York to create new media artworks. Her work has been exhibited in major Japanese, US and European museums. In 2020, for her open studio program at the Fuchu Art Museum, she created a light-based artwork and two "magnetic fluid sculptures".

Robert Buelteman calls photography "The language of light" and has spent his life exploring the possibilities of the medium in pursuit of a more responsible relationship with the natural world. Working directly with large sheets of photographic film, living plants are used as a filter through which high-voltage electricity and fiber-optically-delivered light are passed. The resulting images open a window on the beauty of natural form, and were compared by the Los Angeles Times with photographs of our universe made by the Hubble Telescope. As a result of this new work, he has had over 60 solo exhibitions in the United States, Canada and Germany, and been the subject of essays published in 26 languages on 6 continents. His art can be found in public and private collections worldwide.

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