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China, U.S. Universities and the U.S. Science and Technology Workforce

November 14, 2019 -
4:15pm to 5:30pm
Encina Hall Central, 3rd Floor, Philippines Conference Room

The US is presently searching for the wisest policies relevant to the relationships between US universities and China.  China is the only country that can supplant the United States as the economic, scientific, technological, military and ideological world leader.  Consiousness of that, coupled with reports of serious misappropriations of US intellectual property, have led federal leaders to propose and, in some cases, to implement serious limits on collaborations between US and Chinese scientists and engineers in “strategic” research fields as well as to introduce serious impediments to the education of Chinese nationals by US higher education institutions.  These actions are aimed at  protecting US intellectual property and scientific ideas.  In this talk, the proposals are briefly summarized.  Analyses of scientific R&D, international scientific collaboration and the US scientific workforce are then presented.  These analyses indicate that the limitations and impediments could very well weaken US capabilities and standing in some of the fields the nation is most anxious to protect unless those limitations and impediments are very carefully crafted.  Some policy recommendations are provided.

To gain a better understanding of what is happening in Xinjiang, we are convening a panel of experts from various scholarly disciplines.  They will analyze the current crisis in Xinjiang, and, as importantly, do what academics do best -- provide historical context and critical social scientific analysis that broaden and deepen our understanding of the crisis unfolding in that region. 


Arthur Bienenstock, Co-chair, American Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Committee on International Scientific Partnerships; Professor of Photon Science, Emeritus, Stanford University; Special Assistant to the President for Federal Research Policy, Stanford University

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Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center and Stanford China Program
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