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Enjoyable Teaching as Inclusive Teaching: Promoting Equity Through Enthusiasm

November 11, 2020 - 9:00am to 10:10am
Online via Zoom

Many teachers work to make their classes enjoyable and exciting to keep students engaged and motivated, but we don’t often think of enjoyable teaching as a strategy for making the classroom more equitable and inclusive. In this workshop, we engage with work from bell hooks in her book “Teaching to Transgress” to consider how enjoyable teaching can be transgressive and transformative for students. The workshop will consist of guided reading, reflection/discussion, and time to apply new skills.

Facilitated by Mentors-in-Teaching (MinT) Fellows: Katie Wullert and Rebecca Gleit (Sociology), and Leighton Wan, Callan Monette, and Alexis Seymour (BioEngineering)

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Center for Teaching and Learning
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