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Endowed Department Chairs

Jelena Vuckovic in a lab with red lighting
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As the department leaders, chairs oversees the full range of scholarly endeavors within their department.

Collectively, the chairs work with the dean to develop a vision for the school. Making that vision a reality requires resources — particularly the discretionary income made available through endowment.

Such enduring yet flexible support is vital to enabling Stanford Engineering to accomplish its goals. For example, the funds can be used to recruit faculty, develop a new curriculum, seed academic entrepreneurship or purchase critical equipment. These endowments give departments an edge in teaching and research innovation, as well as strengthen each department’s ability to leverage support from outside funding sources.

Endowing a chair is an outstanding opportunity to demonstrate confidence in the impact of departmental leadership on the future of engineering teaching and research.


Why Giving Matters

“This funding has enabled us to pursue exciting departmental initiatives, such as an undergraduate major in Biomedical Computation, and has supported start-up costs for faculty recruits in new research areas.”

Jennifer Cochran
The Shriram Chair of the Department of Bioengineering