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Endowed Graduate Fellowships

The opportunity to learn from renowned faculty and work in world‐class research facilities in the heart of Silicon Valley draws the world’s top graduate students to Stanford.

Our programs are recognized as among the best in the world, and graduates of the school stand among the most accomplished engineers of the past century, leaders in research, academia and industry.

Despite these advantages, not all admitted students come to Stanford. Demand for the very best graduate students is intensifying, with outstanding universities across the world vying for the same small pool of candidates. Lucrative jobs in industry lure some of the best students away from graduate study. Many highly qualified students make their decision to attend Stanford based in large part on financial considerations.

The School of Engineering’s future depends on our ability to make financial considerations a non‐factor in any promising student’s decision to attend Stanford. As we empower these top candidates to choose academics in an environment that best allows them to pursue their passion for pushing the boundaries of knowledge, it provides a legacy that benefits the world as a whole. Your support is critical to that effort.

Why Graduate Fellowships?

One year of campus housing plus tuition for three quarters totals more than $60,000. Without graduate fellowships, many students would not choose, or simply could not afford, to attend Stanford.


An endowed gift of $1.2 million creates a fellowship fund with an annual payout capable of supporting a graduate student for an academic year. The minimum gift to establish a named endowed fellowship is $250,000.

Student at work in a lab.

Help us achieve our vision by supporting our core funding initiatives.

Funding Initiatives


Matthew Bahls
Director of Major Gifts

Frank Scioscia
Director of Strategic Partnerships

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