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Computing and Data Science (CoDa)


Collaborative innovation

Designed to help address today’s most urgent challenges

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Data science and computation have been well established in engineering and medicine for many years, and we firmly believe that these research methods will have an increasingly powerful impact on many other disciplines, including the humanities.

To be at the forefront of this trend, we need to leverage Stanford’s rich history of interdisciplinary collaboration to foster an ecosystem where cutting-edge research can incubate and thrive. The Stanford Computing and Data Science (CoDa) building is that ecosystem. 

For a first glimpse, watch this video: 

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A vital part of the future

“The university sees the Computing and Data Science building as a vital part of our future. It will have a tremendous impact on research and education in data science, computation, and policy at Stanford and beyond.”

-Jennifer Widom, Dean, School of Engineering

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An innovative incubator

“We need an ecosystem where great ideas can find the tools and methods and collaborators they need to incubate and thrive. An ecosystem that’ll make our research better, inspire us to ask new questions, and find ways to generate new knowledge.”

-Debra Satz, Dean, School of Humanities and Sciences

An interdisciplinary collaboration of people and programs working to transform the way we apply data science and computation to make an impact in the real world, the Computing and Data Science building will be home to...

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Creating knowledge for the future

Stanford’s continued ability to advance discovery and create new knowledge will increasingly rely on our ability to learn from data. Stanford Data Science is a collaborative effort spanning Stanford departments and schools that strives to unite existing data science research initiatives and create interdisciplinary collaborations with the ultimate aim of giving our faculty and students the tools, skills, and understanding they need to do the cutting-edge research that will drive 21st century scholarship and education. In its new home, Stanford Data Science will help build a community that brings together the world’s very best data scientists with talented scholars from other fields— ensuring that these scholars are able to work at the very highest level possible.

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The programs and experiences made possible or expanded by this transformative new facility will allow our remarkable faculty, researchers, and students to make progress towards our shared goals. 

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