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60 Years of Artificial Intelligence at Stanford

Entering its seventh decade of innovation in all things artificial intelligence, Stanford reflects on the people who made it possible and the milestones along the way.
A view of the front of the Gates Building at Stanford University.
AI has had a home at Stanford since 1962.| Image courtesy of Tamer Shabani

The Emmy Award-winning video below looks back at a remarkable six decades of artificial intelligence work at Stanford University.

Stanford has been a leader in AI almost since the day the term was dreamed up by John McCarthy in the 1950s. McCarthy would join the Stanford faculty in 1962 and found the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab (SAIL), initiating a six-decades-plus legacy of innovation. Over the years, the field has grown to welcome a diversity of researchers and areas of exploration, including robotics, autonomous vehicles, medical diagnostics, natural language processing, and more. All the while, Stanford has been at the forefront in research and in educating the next generation of innovators in AI. Artificial intelligence would not be what it is today without Stanford.

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