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Amy Zegart: How vulnerable are we to cyber attacks?

​An international security expert assesses the growing risks at home and abroad.

Changing at the speed of cyber | Photo by Stocksy/Jetta Productions

In the Future of Everything radio show, Amy Zegart explains just how worried we need to be about cyber threats.

Among the threats: the security of our nation and the safety of our children. “The cyber threat landscape is changing at the speed of cyber,” she says. “And our responses are changing at the speed of government. So there's a velocity problem.”

Zegart, co-director of Stanford’s Center for International Security and Cooperation and Professor of Political Science (by courtesy), is also the Davies Family Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and directs the Cyber Policy Program.

You can listen to the Future of Everything on iTunes, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher or via Stanford Engineering Magazine.