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The long — and very, very short — journey to the COVID-19 vaccines

Bioengineering Professor Markus Covert explains the history of vaccines — and the science that produced new COVID-19 vaccines in record time.

Speech bubbles filled with imagery indicating questions about vaccine development. Icons include viruses, lungs, and microscopes

Markus Covert explores the history of vaccines and mRNA production. | iStock/DrAfter123

Amid the worst pandemic in a century, Markus Covert, a bioengineer who explores the machinery and chemistry of life itself, recounts the fascinating history of vaccine science.

He then leads a deep look at the mRNA production method that yielded the first safe and highly effective COVID-19 vaccine in just 66 days — a process that until recently would have taken years.

Please join bioengineer Markus Covert for a fascinating exploration of medical history, cutting-edge science and, ultimately, human psychology in this special presentation brought to you by the Stanford School of Engineering.