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​Megan Palmer: How do we solve the security challenges in biotech?

Stanford’s Russ Altman and Megan Palmer explore the complex challenge of ensuring that our ever-growing ability to engineer biology is used only for positive purposes.

test tubes in a rack

Emerging biotechnologies don’t come without safety concerns. | Stocksy/Bisual Studio

As a founding member and former chair of the Department of Bioengineering, possibly no one has enjoyed a better purview on the recent remarkable advances in biotechnology than Stanford's Russ Altman.

From genome editing to synthetic biology to cloning, the ethical challenges of the field are almost as great as the therapeutic upsides, and advances often outpace our ability to contend with the ethical aftermath.

Listen in as host Russ Altman and policy expert and bioengineer Megan Palmer, of the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford, discuss the challenges that arise when biotechnology is used to solve one problem, but creates others in the process.

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