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Sanjay Basu: The power of healthy eating

​On The Future of Everything radio show, Stanford’s Russ Altman and Sanjay Basu explore the evolving nature of diabetes care and prevention.

Wood box filled with vegetables

What role do community gardens play in disease prevention? | Stocksy/Bonninstudio

When humans roamed as hunters and gatherers, the ability to retain calories likely determined who lived and who died in times of famine.

Today, that evolutionary advantage may make us prone to diabetes.

Join host Russ Altman, professor of bioengineering, and guest Sanjay Basu, a foremost expert in disease prevention, for a broad-ranging discussion of what works, what doesn’t and what new approaches—including an emphasis on community gardens and healthier diets—are on the horizon as society battles this deadly disease.

You can listen to the Future of Everything on iTunes, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud, Spotify, Stitcher or via Stanford Engineering Magazine.