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Stanford Engineering’s The Future of Everything: COVID-19 special edition

Listen to this special series of our podcast to learn how researchers from across Stanford are bringing their insights and knowledge to address the challenges of COVID-19.

Exploring the virus | iStock/mammuth

Exploring the virus | iStock/mammuth

In mere weeks, experts from medicine, engineering, biology, psychology, data sciences and many other fields focused on new approaches to detecting, understanding and potentially defeating the novel coronavirus. Listen to a special COVID-19 series of Stanford Engineering’s The Future of Everything podcast in which host Russ Altman — a medical doctor and a professor of bioengineering, genetics and medicine — talks with leading scholars and researchers on the frontlines … and takes a turn as guest himself.

Russ Altman: Artificial intelligence takes on COVID-19

Nigam Shah: A researcher turns to data to fight the COVID-19 virus

Victor Carrion: How to beat stress in a pandemic

Seema Yasmin: How to conquer a pandemic with communication

Catherine Blish: Immunology is on the trail of a killer

Megan Palmer: COVID-19’s scientific silver lining

Michael O’Sullivan: Data leads New Zealand’s COVID-19 response

Manu Prakash: How to beat a pandemic on a budget

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