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Bioengineering: Where life sciences and engineering meet

In their own words, Stanford bioengineers explain the secret sauce that sets their department apart.
The phrase, “We love BioEng” in lights at night.
It’s not hard to love the research and people who make up Stanford Bioengineering. | Image courtesy of Stanford Bioengineering

Bioengineers operate in the exciting spaces where medicine and engineering meet, designing molecules and modifying cells with life-changing results. 

Bringing these worlds together demands researchers with equal parts intelligence, intensity, and creativity — and perhaps the boldness necessary to buck convention and cut new pathways through unexplored scientific terrain. Whether inventing transformative technologies that allow researchers to control brain cells with light, engineering new-age plants that can withstand climate change, or shaping profound new understandings of why life works — and, sometimes, why it doesn’t — the insights and innovations that come out of Stanford bioengineering benefit people everywhere, every day. 

Featured Faculty (In Order of Appearance)

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