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How to fight climate change

An environmental scientist explains why taking on climate change will require that we continue to reduce emissions and adapt to the effects of increasing temperatures.
Photo of a smoky sunset in the mountains of northeastern Washington.
Could a more sustainable path be on the horizon? | Stocksy/Justin Mullet

The consequences of climate change have already been devastating: wildfires, drought, coastal flooding, and increased temperatures, among them.

And there are massive economic, societal, and geopolitical and security costs as well. It's no wonder that many people may feel the situation at this point is hopeless.

But in this episode of the Future of Everything, Stanford’s Chris Field tells host and bioengineer Russ Altman that the world has made more progress than we might have expected a decade ago, and that we can still pave a way to a sustainable future, both by reducing emissions and by adapting to the impact of increasing temperatures through such things as technological innovation and improved infrastructure and land and resource management. 

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