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Ilan Kroo: Better ways to build an airplane

An expert in aeronautics discusses how recent developments in fuels, engines, materials, and computer controls are leading to an era of airplanes unlike any that have gone before.
3D architectural sketch of a jet plane.
The confluence of changes in fuels, materials, and computer controls are creating a new generation of airplanes. | iStock/hh580

Our guest on this episode of Stanford Engineering’s The Future of Everything podcast, Ilan Kroo, is an expert in aircraft design. But when Kroo talks of aircraft, he means a new generation of flying vehicles that could transform our very concept of transportation—like personal flying cars that take off and land vertically or commercial airliners fueled by clean-burning hydrogen.

Kroo says the rapid changes he’s seeing in the industry could lead to safer, less expensive, more efficient—and quieter—air travel. Listen in as he shares more with host Russ Altman on this episode of The Future of Everything podcast.

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