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Mac Schwager: How engineers are putting the ‘auto’ in autonomous

An expert in autonomous vehicles explains how engineers are ensuring tomorrow’s pilotless planes, trains and automobiles will be safer than today’s human-controlled counterparts.
Aerial view of a Los Angeles freeway interchange.
How do we make sure autonomous vehicles can safely coordinate with one another and humans? | iStock/SK Lafoca

On this episode of Stanford Engineering’s The Future of Everything podcast, guest Mac Schwager talks safety in multi-robot systems, like those controlling the autonomous vehicles that will soon fill our future. Some engineers are helping robots communicate better among themselves while others are working on “emotionally aware” algorithms able to pick up on subtle cues in how others are driving to help robots make better on-the-road decisions.

Never fear, Schwager says, the future is in good hands. “Autonomous cars will reach a level of safety that surpasses that of human drivers, but it may take a little while,” he tells host Russ Altman on this episode of The Future of Everything podcast.

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