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Nicholas Bloom: Home is where the work is

An economist and expert on productivity says that once-rare work-from-home arrangements are now the norm and improved tools for telecommuting will keep it that way.
Photo of a home office
Work from home is not just a blip, and there are technologies coming down the pike that will make it easier. | iStock/svetikd

Guest Nicholas Bloom has studied telecommuting for 20 years.

Prior to the pandemic, he says, just five percent of days were “worked from home,” but the number is now closer to one in three. It looks like the hybrid workplace is here to stay. What was once thought to be a boon to employee morale has also helped companies slash real estate budgets. But, it’s not all sunshine and roses, as Bloom tells host Russ Altman on this episode of Stanford Engineering’s The Future of Everything podcast.

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