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Training the next generation of entrepreneurs

Are entrepreneurs born or made? A Stanford professor explains how understanding and practicing a set of skills can make entrepreneurs of us all.
Imagination, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship can all be taught. | iStock/Liudmila Chernetska

Search online and you’ll find lists of all the skills entrepreneurs should have - among them are imagination, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship. But are entrepreneurs born with these relevant skills, or can they be taught?

In this episode of Stanford Engineering’s The Future of Everything, Tina Seelig, professor of the practice in the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford, explains the differences between imagination, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, and how all four can be taught and then applied to finding solutions to big challenges. Join Seelig and host, bioengineer Russ Altman, as they discuss how to train a generation of entrepreneurs who will make positive contributions to the world. Listen and subscribe here.

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