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VIDEO: Designing to delight, the Moonshot Club delivers

Coming in hot! Keep your eyes out for the motorized couch buzzing around campus and spreading joy.
A group photo of Stanford students and the Stanford Engineering Dean sitting on and standing near a motorized couch.
This is anything but your typical couch. | Image courtesy of Jill Wu

So many impactful projects at Stanford Engineering start with a simple question: What if…?

Jason Lin, ’25, and his friends in the Stanford Moonshot Club recently asked, “What if we build a small wooden frame and then put a couch on it with two electric skateboards underneath?” The motorized couch that was born out of this question is a classic example of the creative and collaborative spirit that’s unique to Stanford. Through the process of making, Lin and his fellow Moonshot Club members have empowered students from a variety of academic backgrounds to come together, tinker, and make a positive impact on the community. 

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