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A water problem that’s still unresolved in schools across the country

Access to clean drinking water should be a given, and there are health consequences for children when it’s not.
Image of a student using the water fountain at school.
A student drinks from a school’s water fountain. | iStock/SolStock

In this episode of Stanford Engineering’s The Future of Everything podcast, Stanford pediatrics professor Anisha Patel tells us how engaging a local community about their health concerns can lead to impactful discoveries and interventions.

She recounts how a visit to a middle school helped her team realize that simple access to drinking water is a problem in schools across the nation. Patel also shares how similar interactions during the COVID pandemic informed programs that provide free lunches at all California public schools to ensure food security for all children. On this episode, Patel and host Russ Altman discuss the future of community health.

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