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​Catherine Gorlé receives 2018 National Science Foundation CAREER Award

​The award recognizes early career excellence in STEM research and education.
Image courtesy of Catherine Gorlé

Catherine Gorlé, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, recently received a 2018 National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award. The award recognizes early career faculty who show equal dedication to research and education within their departments and institutions.

Gorlé leads Stanford’s Wind Engineering Lab, where she and her team research and assess complex environmental issues in urban environments. She was recognized for her proposal, Quantifying Wind Hazards on Buildings in Urban Environments, which centers on the use of computational fluid dynamics to design resilient buildings and cities.

Gorlé’s research seeks to quantify the uncertainties facing designers and policymakers in their efforts to grow sustainable cities by developing predictive frameworks that model or solve wind flow and transport problems. She and her team work to apply these findings to breathable cities, improved ventilation systems and energy optimization around the world.

The NSF CAREER Award grants faculty members like Gorlé five years of financial support to promote balanced approaches to STEM education, focusing on both teaching and research.