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Pamon Forouhar - Biomechanical Engineering

“The students I met were brilliant, but not nerdy; unconventional, but not weird.”

Pamon Forouhar - Biomechanical Engineering

How could I not? The reputation, research opportunities, and interdisciplinary breadth are all what initially had me thinking about a school like Stanford, but there was so much more that factored into my final decision. After touring the campus in high school and meeting several students and alumni, I knew there was something very special about this school and the student body. Never before had I met a group of people who seemed so passionate and excited about learning, while at the same time having so many amazing hobbies outside of academics. The students I met were brilliant, but not nerdy; unconventional, but not weird. These were the types of people that I wanted to surround me for the next four years--the types of people that would teach me more about the world and myself, all at the same time.

Whats Great About Studying Here

The greatest part about being at Stanford is having the opportunity to meet the amazing people that you run into every day. From Olympic athletes to actual rocket scientists, this campus is filled with truly inspirational individuals who are willing and eager to share their experiences with you. It is through the diversity of the students and faculty that I feel I've actually learned the most during my time here.

What I Work On

I've been lucky enough to be a part of student government since coming to Stanford. As one of the Class Presidents, Iíve spent a lot of my time planning activities for the class including community service events, guest lectures, and formals. Student government continues to be a defining part of my Stanford experience and itís something that I really enjoy.

What I Hope to Do

Part of the beauty of majoring in biomechanical engineering is its interdisciplinary scope, which keeps so many options open after graduation. I'm currently looking to go to medical school and hopefully become a pediatrician. At the same time, however, I think biotechnology is incredibly fascinating and I'd love to have the opportunity to develop new types of medical devices for doctors to use. Some combination of doing research and working with patients would make up my ideal career later on.