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Jenny Erwin


Jenny Erwin

Graduate Student
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Story originally published on Mar 2016
I have to say, at the beginning of the quarter, I was super nervous about using a table saw.

That terrified me. And now it’s like, oh, I have to go on the table saw today? I got this. One of the biggest challenges with making a nightstand was not trying to bite off too much – and not realizing how long it would take to make, having never done this before. I got into it, and I was like, wow, I’ve spent a whole week making just the joints and that’s not even a quarter of my whole project. I’m glad I started early. I just got done with a heart-attack-causing-experience of gluing it all up, which was terrifying because you think it all works together and then it rains, and then all of the wood expands, and you’re like, “Oh my gosh,” and you try to glue it up and the glue is wet and you’re moving around and you’re clamping, and then, oh no, it doesn’t fit, undo it, chisel before the glue dries. My heart rate is just coming down from that. Thank goodness for the amazing community that exists at the Product Realization Lab (PRL), because I was stressing out and immediately there were three other sets of hands in there helping me and holding stuff and clamping stuff, and suggesting this or that or the other.

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