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The future of infectious disease immunology

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The future of infectious disease immunology

An expert in computational immunology details how his field is tapping into the secrets of the immune system to identify pathogens faster and serious illness sooner.
Illustration of immune system defense concept
The immune system has been developing and refining for millions of years, and we may be underutilizing it. | iStock/peterschreiber.media

When we’re sick, the time between onset and diagnosis is critical, sometimes life-saving.

It turns out the human immune system is pretty good at knowing what’s making us sick. In fact, it’s telling us all the time, but only now is science tuning in to what nature has to say, explains Purvesh Khatri. The immune system is a “perfect diagnostic,” he tells host Russ Altman in this episode of Stanford Engineering’s The Future of Everything podcast.

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