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Summer Session Grants

Summer Session Grants

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By providing financial relief, Summer Session Grants (SSG) enable students to put more time into their studies and balance their course load through the academic year. Grants are for undergraduate students majoring in engineering, or for students who are on track to declare in an engineering major.

The program assists undergraduate students in completing coursework required for an engineering major during the summer quarter at Stanford or other accredited colleges and universities. Courses include engineering requirements (fundamentals, science, chemistry, CME, math), other degree requirements like WAYS and foreign language, or other courses that would alleviate a high-unit quarter during the academic year.

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​Grant requests cannot exceed the cost of the summer course(s), and a maximum of $5,000 per student will be granted regardless of total tuition cost. Students who receive financial aid may be eligible to request an advance (see flowcharts under “Application Details”).


Students must plan to complete courses during the summer quarter and use them toward graduation requirements for an engineering degree. The grants are intended for engineering students with financial need who come from under-resourced schools or environments with limited exposure to and preparation for an engineering curriculum. They are designed to help students complete a single undergraduate engineering major and will not be disbursed for plans to complete coterms, minors, second majors, or pre-med requirements.

We consider students at two points in their undergraduate career: 

  1. Students in their junior year whose pathway to graduation requires an additional course over the summer before their senior year. These students must have declared an engineering major and can propose any course required for graduation.
  2. Students in their first year who began in Math 18 this Autumn. Students need to have passed Math 18 and earned a B or better in Math 19 and 20. These students must be planning an engineering major. The grant would specifically allow them to take Math 21, or its equivalent at another institution, so that they can take Math 51 in the Autumn of their sophomore year.

Application Details 

There are two paths for SSG funding; Stanford classes and off-campus courses. Please see the following flowcharts for application, reimbursement, and deadline information.


Your application will not be considered complete until you have uploaded in PDF format: a four-year plan, a transcript, and description of the equivalent course at Stanford (including college, course number, and description).

NOTE: An incomplete application WILL DELAY a timely response to your request.

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Online application and supporting material

May 22, 2023

Award details sent to students

June 5, 2023

Accept/decline the deadline

June 12, 2023

Students taking off-campus courses ONLY: Reimbursement material deadline 

Sept. 29, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, check out our frequently asked questions:For more information, check out our frequently asked questions:

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