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Annelise E. Barron

Annelise E. Barron

Postdoc, UCSF/Chiron Corporation, Biomimetic & Bioorganic Chemistry (1997)
Postdoc, Soane BioSciences/ACLARA Biosciences Inc., Molecular Biotechnology (1996)
Ph.D., Univ. of California, Berkeley, Chemical Engineering (1995)
B.S., Univ. of Washington, Seattle, Chemical Engineering (1990)

My research interests are in two areas:

(1) Molecular and cellular biophysics of human innate immunity, with a focus on the pleiotropic roles of host defense peptides and amyloidogenic peptides in human health and disease, including infectious disease, cancer, and plaque diseases.

(2) Design, synthesis, and biophysical studies of sequence-controlled, biomimetic oligomers (synthetic peptide mimics) with helical structures, for biomedical and biomaterial applications (mimicry of lung surfactant proteins, antimicrobial and anticancer innate immune peptides). Also, design and synthesis of novel polymeric materials and strategies for capillary and microchip electrophoresis (DNA sequencing and genotyping); polymer-biomolecule conjugates.