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John Duchi

John Duchi

BS, Stanford University, Computer Science (2007)
MS, Stanford University, Computer Science (2008)
MA, University of California, Berkeley, Statistics (2012)
PhD, University of California, Berkeley, EECS (2014)


(650) 498-5224

I completed my PhD in computer science at Berkeley in 2014. My research interests are a bit eclectic, and they span statistics, computation, optimization, and machine learning. At Berkeley, I worked in the Statistical Artificial Intelligence Lab (SAIL) under the joint supervision of Michael Jordan and Martin Wainwright. I obtained my master's degree (MA) in statistics in Fall 2012. I was also an undergrad and a masters student at Stanford University, where I worked with Daphne Koller in her research group, DAGS. I also spend some time at Google Research, where I had (and continue to have) the great fortune to work with Yoram Singer.