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Ronald Hanson

Ronald Hanson

M.Sc., Arizona State University, Mechanical Engineering (1965)
B.S., Oregon State University, Mechanical Engineering (1961)
Ph.D., Stanford University, Aeronautics and Astronautics (1968)


(650) 723-1745

Professor Hanson has been an international leader in the development of laser-based diagnostic methods for combustion and propulsion, and in the development of modern shock tube methods for accurate determination of chemical reaction rate parameters needed for modeling combustion and propulsion systems. He and his students have made several pioneering contributions that have impacted the pace of propulsion research and development worldwide. During his career at Stanford, Professor Hanson has successfully managed over 100 research contracts and grants, with a total value well over $50 million. He and his students have authored over 1200 publications.

Professor Hanson has graduated over 110 Ph.D. candidates and supervised over 20 postdoctoral scholars and research associates. Thirty-two of his students have gone on to become professors including: Varghese, Texas; Louge, Cornell; Kirby, Cornell; Wooldridge, Michigan; Mertens, Trinity College; Song, Yonsei; Rossmann, Lafayette College; Sanders, Wisconsin; Ben-Yakar, Texas; Webber, Texas; Oehlschlaeger, RPI; Ma, Virginia Tech; Koch, Marquette; Lee, Illinois; Rothamer, Wisconsin; Petersen, Texas A&M; Seitzman, Georgia Tech; Linne, Edinburgh; Yoo, SUNY; Porter, Colorado School of Mines; Liu, Washington; Vasu, Central Florida; Ren, Chinese U. of Hong Kong; Rieker, Colorado; Farooq, KAUST; Goldenstein, Purdue; Spearrin, UCLA; Liu, Wuhan; Sun, Tongji; and Chao, Tsinghua. He is currently supervising approximately 15 M.S. and Ph.D. graduate students.