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Gio Jacuzzi


Computer Science

Jun 2016
I came to Stanford thinking that I was going to be a jazz guitar performance major.

I continued to do that through my time as an undergrad. But early on in my career here, I got exposed to the School of Engineering and, specifically, computer science and Stanford’s CCRMA program, the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics.

I had always been interested in recording technology and mixing science and audio signal processing and things like that. And Stanford really kind of opened that door for me and that was a big aha moment. I realized that music is not only amazing on an artistic level, but from an engineering standpoint – all of the EE that goes into it, all of the CS that goes into the signal processing software.

It was great to open up the hood and get my hands dirty with all of that. Because as much as I am kind of a flowery, romantic musician, I love getting down with the nuts and bolts of how music works and is created.

Nancy Rothstein

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