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Juliana Cook


Computer Science

Mar 2016
I made what I call a programmable music box that plays a xylophone.

Basically, what I have is a cylinder that rotates and you can put little pins in, and each of those little pins can hit a mallet that hits a xylophone, and so essentially, you can make a song that you can replay by turning the handle over and over again. This is actually something that I wanted since I was seven years old. I used to think, I wish I had a music box that played a specific song, but no one made a music box that played a specific song. So I thought, maybe I could find a music box that would let me choose what song it would play, and that didn’t exist either. So coming into this class, I thought, what if I made this thing that I wanted for my 7-year-old self?

Tamer Shabani

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