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Nita Singh Kaushal

BS ’03 

Electrical Engineering

Oct 2016
‘I am an Engineer: I serve mankind by making dreams come true.’ This quote sits in the lobby of the Jen-Hsun Huang building at Stanford School of Engineering and serves as a kind of mantra.

In celebration of Stanford's 2016 Reunion Homecoming this week, we asked five alumni to share their personal engineering mantra. Stay tuned for a new story each day this week as we welcome alumni back to campus.

I am an engineer. I am excited to think outside of the box and tackle big problems in order to help future generations live a better life. I started a company called Miss CEO, which provides young women with leadership training, mentorship and career exploration opportunities. In order to improve diversity in STEM, we believe it is essential to focus on the pipeline and inspire girls as early as middle school to take risks and explore exciting fields such as engineering. Female engineers often want to partner with our organization because they have experienced firsthand the challenges of being one of the few women in their classes, labs and industries, and they are passionate about giving back and improving the culture. They serve as the ultimate role models for our students and show them what's possible if they fearlessly pursue their interests and dream big.

Amanda Law

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