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LaToya Powell smiles for her portrait in her home in front of a wall with art on it

Graduate Admissions Officer

Electrical Engineering

I’ve been at SoE for almost five years and I love my job. I’m a science nerd, a Star Trek fan, and I’m...

William Alvero Koski, Phoebe Wall and Kylie Holland

MS candidates

Aeronautics and Astronautics, Mechanical Engineering

There’s not a lot of work being done on building habitats on other planets, but our Mars Team at the...

Sarah Fletcher sits at a laptop while looking over her shoulder towards a window

Assistant Professor

Civil & Environmental Engineering

#IAmAnEngineer: I’ve always wanted to find solutions to problems that were really going to help society...

Ziv Lautman wearing a mask and gloves while working with a microscope

MS candidate ’21


#IAmAnEngineer: I’ve always loved learning. I studied environmental engineering and eventually started a...

Janelle Kaneda

Coterminal MS Candidate ’21


#IAmAnEngineer: All my life I’ve had a passion for dance. Understanding the movement in the human body...

Anthony Kinslow

PhD ’19

Civil & Environmental Engineering

I first became interested in combating climate change in high school, after watching An Inconvenient...

Joe DiSimone

Professor of Translational Medicine and of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

As a chemical engineer, I’ve worked on a lot of projects that seem totally different on the surface

Haeyoung Noh

Associate Professor

Civil & Environmental Engineering

As an engineer, I work on a concept called ‘structure as a sensor.’

Grace Gao

Assistant Professor

Aeronautics and Astronautics

I’ve always had a lot of different interests. As a kid, I was very into math, science, engineering and...

Lynden Archer

Joseph Silbert Dean of Engineering at Cornell University

PhD ’94

Chemical Engineering

I grew up in Guyana surrounded by culture, cricket and languages.