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Wendy Gu

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering

#IAmAnEngineer: I’ve always liked research. I really became interested in both engineering and...

Monther Abu-Remaileh

Assistant Professor

Chemical Engineering

I study the biochemistry of an organelle called the lysosome. It’s sort of like the “garbage disposal”...

Danielle Mai

Assistant Professor

Chemical Engineering

I’m a biopolymer engineer, which means I tinker with molecules that are the building materials of life.

Matteo Cargnello

Assistant Professor

Chemical Engineering

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a chemical engineer.

Hannah Li

PhD student

Management Science and Engineering

As an engineer, you’re taught to build things, to optimize things.

Monroe Kennedy

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

#IAmAnEngineer: I see “problems” less as impassable obstacles and more as things that can be overcome...

Meghali Chopra

BS ’11, Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

#IAmAnEngineer: As a chemical engineer, I focus on improving the way we fabricate computer chips.

PhD Candidate, Bioengineering


Growing up, I thought I was going to be a doctor.

Jian Qin

Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

My job is to help people to understand how common polymeric materials, like plastics and silly putty,...

Assistant Professor, Aeronautics and Astronautics

Aeronautics and Astronautics

As a kid, I was enthusiastic about aerospace but I didn’t memorize types of airplanes or the names of...