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About the Engineering Diversity Program


One of the School of Engineering’s greatest strengths comes from our goals towards equity, inclusion and diversity. Engineering Diversity Programs (EDP) seek to achieve excellence, equity and diversity for all engineering students at Stanford by recruiting, retaining and graduating diverse students.

EDP Services, Resources, Funding, and Advising

EDP provides services to four groups of students:  

  • Pre College
  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Post-doctoral

Faculty and alumni are involved in each of these areas.

More than 3,000 diversity students have been assisted annually in their academic, professional and individual development. They have assumed careers in industry, academia, government and nonprofit organizations.

Our academic assistance includes sponsored programs such as Additional Calculus for Engineers (ACE), Summer Session Grants (SSG), the Stanford Summer Engineering Academy (SSEA), Coterm Fellowships, Engienering Department Excellence and Diversity Fellowships, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellows (SURF), Graduate and Professional Peer Advising (GP2A), Pre-College Math and Computer Science Logic Institute, and individual tutorials upon request. EDP provides guidance and professional advising that is culturally and ethnically responsive.

Both the undergraduate and graduate EDP resources attract students, retain them in engineering, help them graduate and assist them in their placement.  More than 100 underrepresented minority students and 330 female students graduate from Stanford in engineering annually with BS, MS and PhD degrees, including double-digit PhD diversity graduates. 

Without external support, EDP cannot flourish. It is successful because of the collaboration we receive from faculty, staff, students and friends as partners in this challenging engineering educational endeavor. These EDP partnerships bode well for promoting the next generation of new initiatives and improvements. Under this program, our undergraduate Engineering enrollments for under-represented minorities now look very much like the diversity that we find at the national population level. We expect to reach a comparable goal for the MS, PhD and faculty diversity in the near future.