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CS Pathfinders

CS 106A/B Pathfinders


CS Pathfinders is a one-unit course that complements enrollment in CS 106A and CS 106B. The  course provides an additional two to three hours of problem-solving led by an Engineering graduate student (CA/TA). 

The sections are designed to allow students to acquire a deeper understanding of CS and its applications in science and engineering, work collaboratively and develop a mastery of the material. The group study habits and problem-solving skills will serve as a great foundation for other CS courses.


Students must be enrolled in CS 106A or CS 106B for five units, attend all lectures and discussion sections.

Student Feedback 

  • “It helped a lot”
  • “I enjoyed Pathfinder very much. It was a great help with CS.”
  • “I hope this program continues because I loved it!”
  • “I'm grateful to be in this class!”
  • “The class was extremely helpful and I learned a lot!”
  • “Thanks for a wonderful quarter. Pathfinders was really instrumental in my growth as a CS student and I am thankful to have found out about this course.”
  • “I enjoy the engagement from the TAs. Both really care about the success of all us. Continue to do that because it means a lot!"


Please apply no later than Friday of week 1. 

CS Pathfinder Application


For questions, please email Lourdes Andrade, Director of Diversity and Inclusion,  at,