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Graduate Diversity Recruitment

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Engineering MS and Ph.D. Diversity Recruitment

         The School of Engineering recruits diversity students by many means. EDP aggressively recruits diversity students at national conferences, universities, forums, government labs, research presentations, and corporate workshops. Routinely, the EDP Associate Dean, volunteer faculty, and select graduate students recruit through advising sessions, workshops, and lectures.   Workshops include talks such as: “How to Choose a Graduate School”, “How Do You Apply to Graduate Schools?” “What are Statements of Purpose and How Do You Write One?” “Why Graduate School?” and “Who Finances Your Graduate Education?”  These recruitment activities for EDP emphasize recruiting students one at a time, and matching students with faculty mentors. 

         EDP uses various approaches to recruit top diversity student talent. Recruitment begins with a mass marketing outreach to about 1,000 key faculty, staff, and friends (especially in industry and government). Recruiting visits to national engineering diversity student societies, professional conferences, campuses, reservations, and forums augment this recruitment approach.  In addition to the faculty efforts to recruit these students, a personal follow-up from Stanford’s own diversity students (we recruit over 20% of our own top graduates) yields strong responses. A travel grant to visit the Stanford campus in order to meet with key faculty is made available to the very best of the diversity students, who are identified through these recruitment efforts.  

         Other recruitment activities include the use of alumni contacts and networking, especially with those alumni in faculty positions or diversity program positions.  Finally, the EDP receives continual referrals from Stanford friends, faculty, staff, and students.  The EDP recruitment effort is maintained year-round.  


Graduate Diversity Admit Day (GRAD Day)

         To increase the yield of diversity graduate students who accept Stanford’s offer of admission, GRAD Day introduces admitted students to resources available to them at Stanford.  The EDP staff and students host admitted students for a campus visit, usually in the beginning of April. The GRAD Day visit is an opportune time to acquaint admitted EDP students with the faculty and staff in the School of Engineering, with EDP resources and services, and to introduce them to outstanding graduate engineering students presently attending Stanford. Admitted diversity students meet with faculty who match their research interests, attend classes, and are given information about financial aid, diversity resources, campus life, and research facilities.  Moreover, they are given a tour of local Bay Area attractions.  Partial transportation expenses, some meals, and housing are provided.


Graduate Diversity Orientation

         The Graduate Diversity Orientation acquaints students with Stanford resources, services, and programs, especially those offered by the EDP.  The Graduate Diversity Orientation event introduces diversity graduate students to key faculty champions, staff, and returning graduate students and gives them an overview of services and resources. 


Engineering 199 seminars

         Kindergarten to community college outreach efforts are organized and implemented by Stanford students who have the option to enroll in individualized instruction (Engineering 199) with the Associate Dean of Engineering Student Affairs for course credit.  Simply put, through this course Stanford students provide “minds-on and hands-on” presentations to younger students that help bridge the abstractness of theories to practical examples.  The presentations make math, science, and engineering more understandable and therefore more accessible to young students.  These instructional presentations also introduce the contributions to math, science, and technology made by underrepresented minorities. 



Stanford Exposure to Research and Graduate Education (SERGE) Program

If you have any questions, please email:

SERGE applications are now closed. Please check back next year or email us for information.

Program: October 11-13, 2018

Stanford Exposure to Research and Graduate Education (SERGE) is dedicated to enhancing Stanford's demographic representation within the School of Engineering by recruiting prospective doctoral students who have the potential to contribute to the diversity of their academic fields and departments. SERGE reflects Stanford's commitment to fostering intellectual excellence in graduate education by cultivating a diverse student body and creating a vibrant and supportive educational environment.


Competitive rising juniors and seniors from public and private accredited colleges and universities who show great potential in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are welcome to apply.


  • Accommodations, meals, and transportation subsidies will be provided to support the 15-20 accepted scholars.

  • Selected scholars will gain exposure to life as a graduate student at Stanford University through laboratory tours and student and faculty engagements.
  • Academic workshops and panels during the visit will help prepare scholars to apply to Stanford University, other top-tier graduate programs and fellowship programs
  • Students will attend the Graduate Pathways Symposium where they will be assigned a mentor and receive personalized feedback on their personal statements. 

Deadline to apply: August 22, 2018

Apply to the SERGE Program

If you have any questions, please email:
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