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Summer Session Grants (SSG)

The Summer Session Grant (SSG) provides funding for undergraduate students, especially diversity students, who are majoring in Engineering or who plan to declare Engineering as their major. Students pursue coursework during the summer session at Stanford or other accredited colleges and universities, to help them complete their undergraduate Engineering degree. 


The program assists undergraduate students in completing courses required for an engineering major, e.g. engineering fundamentals, science, chemistry, differential equations, other math, GER, foreign language, etc. It provides flexibility in the student's four year plans and an opportunity to improve the student's grade point average.


Students are selected according to their academic need and potential for achievement reflected in their application proposal. Selected students receive $100 to $3000 in grants. Units must be transferable.


Undergraduates must be a declared Engineering major or have academic interest in engineering and plan to complete courses during the summer session and use them towards graduation requirements. Applicants are especially sought from the following groups: women, Native Americans, African Americans and Hispanic Americans, 1st Generation, and a broader diversity. 

IMPORTANT: The flowcharts below will walk you through the application and award (reimbursement) process; deadlines included.

Flowchart for students taking classes at STANFORD for summer 2018

Flowchart for students taking classes at ANOTHER UNIVERSITY or COLLEGE for summer 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions



Apply for a Summer Session Grant


Your application will not be considered complete until you have submitted in PDF format a resume, four-year plan, and a description of the equivalent course at Stanford (including what college, course number, and description). Please submit all of these in PDF format to Martha Schmidhauser at with the subject: SSG 2018.

NOTE: An incomplete application WILL DELAY a timely response to your request.


Online Application and Supporting Material: May 16, 2018
Award Details sent to students May 21, 2018
Accept/Decline Deadline: June 4, 2018
Reimbursement Material Deadline: (EXCEPTION: Those students taking courses ON-CAMPUS) September 28, 2018


Inquiries regarding pre-approval petition may be directed to Ms. Darlene Lazar, Student Affairs Administrator, at (650) 723-5984, by email to, or in Huang Engineering Center 135.

Inquiries regarding logistics may be directed to Martha Schmidhauser, Accounting Associate, by email to, or in Huang Engineering Center 135.

Inquiries regarding advising and course scheduling or questions about Four-Year Plans may be directed  by email to