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STEM K-12 Education Initiatives

Beyond providing a forum for students to access resources, build community, and collaborate, the Equity and Inclusion team empowers students to become change agents and thought leaders in their own right.

Recognizing that educational barriers also exist in K-12 education, we partner with committed programs that introduce students from marginalized backgrounds to the various STEM disciplines.

Pre-College Math Institute (PCMI)

Pre-College Math Institute / José Valdés Math provides six weeks of intensive math curriculum for students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. The program offers four levels of math, ranging from basic math to algebra.

The founders and staff of Pre-College Math Institute / José Valdés Math believe that math can be an equalizing force among underrepresented minorities in an educational setting. The program attempts to build student confidence in math through daily testing, one-on-one staff interaction with students, and a positive, achievement-oriented environment.

The program is designed to expose underrepresented students in STEM to the possibility of a career in math, science, or engineering. Math classes are combined with science projects, such as construction and launching of bottle rockets, as well as with mentoring and advising, and recreational activities, like weekly swimming sessions, a T-shirt design contest, and weekly assemblies.

The program also engages students in a university environment, by contact with Stanford students, graduate students, and faculty.

For more information, visit PCMI.

Summer Math and Science Honors (SMASH) Academy

The Summer Math and Science Honors (SMASH) Academy is a summer enrichment STEM program at top universities across the country. SMASH is the signature STEM education initiative of the Kapor Center.

SMASH is a three-year, STEM-intensive residential college preparatory program that empowers underrepresented students from diverse backgrounds to deepen their talents and pursue careers within STEM. Every summer, scholars are immersed in five weeks of tuition-free studies at leading universities throughout the country.

With its integrated curriculum, SMASH guides its scholars through an inquiry-based process that allows them to use math and science to solve real-world problems of relevance to them. They learn content through its application and have access to modern lab equipment. Through research projects and group work, scholars complete college-like assignments. They also receive year-round academic support including SAT prep, college counseling, financial aid workshops, and other activities to ensure continued academic success.

For students and parents:

Applications for SMASH 2020 will be available.

For Stanford students:

Stanford students can learn more about joining the Level Playing Field Institute team as a tutor, graduate lecturer, and workshop leader.

Stanford  Logic Institute Summer Camp

Why logic? Logic – being able to reason clearly – is fundamental to almost everything you do:       

the subjects you study; the professions you pursue. What you decide. How you think and formulate your own opinions and views. With logic, you can succeed and move forward.

High school students underrepresented in STEM are encouraged to apply for this 2-week non-residential program. The challenging schedule teaching the fundamentals of logic includes lectures, team and individual exercises, projects, puzzles, and games, along with special events and guests. For more information, visit Stanford Intro Logic.

Research Internships for High School Students

For more information about different research opportunities for high school students, check out the Office of Science Outreach list.