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Engineering Equity Innovation Partnership Micro-Grants

With the belief that a commitment to diversity is a commitment to excellence, the Equity and Inclusion Initiatives team provides a forum for students to access resources, build community, and collaborate collectively toward our shared goals of equity and excellence in engineering.

We seek to advance a culture of accessibility, respect, inclusion, and empowerment at Stanford Engineering. Our goal is to ensure that diversity efforts are not siloed but are ingrained in the very fabric of the institution. We work to support all students, but particularly those whose backgrounds and narratives are often underrepresented in the field of engineering. 

The Engineering Equity Innovation Partnership (EEIP) micro-grants serve as a resource to provide students with the agency to plan and coordinate your own programs, projects, events, and other initiatives related to diversity, inclusion, belonging and wellness in the School of Engineering. We supply micro-grants of up to $1000 per academic year.

EIIP Grants serve as support for programs and projects that:

  • Showcase diverse and unique perspectives by inviting new ways of thinking, knowing, and doing in the field of engineering
  • Provide the opportunity for critical dialogue and evaluation of the beliefs, values, choices, and societal systems/barriers that influence our work in engineering
  • Integrate multiple methods of learning and engagement, including but not limited to: workshops, educational talks, forums & fireside chats, panels, guest speakers
  • Increase participation of historically underrepresented groups and individuals in research, academia, and other initiatives within the School of Engineering
  • Contribute to the recruitment, retention, and success of those from underrepresented backgrounds and narratives within the School of Engineering

The Micro-Grant Application Process


Stanford Engineering undergraduates and graduate students who are in good academic standing. Both individuals and teams/student groups are eligible. Projects will only be funded during the quarter in which they have been submitted.

Please note that EEIP cannot provide funding for conferences or travel.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Identify a topic you would like the SoE community to learn more about or brainstorm ways to re-invent previously done program ideas.
  • Step 2: Outline the logistical details for your program, including the budget, to submit as part of your application. Proposals are accepted and reviewed quarterly.
  • Current submission deadlines for programs scheduled for Fall 2019:
    • Deadline 1: October 15, 2019
    • Deadline 2: November 1, 2019
  • Step 3: The Equity and Inclusion Initiatives team reviews the proposal and decides funding. You will be notified of a decision within 2 weeks of the deadline.
  • Step 4: If approved for funding, review our financial guidelines and be sure to collect itemized receipts of anything purchased that you will need reimbursed. Remember to keep a list of attendees.
  • Step 5: Host the program! Have fun, learn, takes pictures! After the program, please submit a post-activity report, pictures, and follow the reimbursement process with help from our team.

Apply Now: Engineering Equity Innovation Partnership (EEIP) Application

Program Reflection

A post-activity report must be submitted after the program is completed to receive reimbursement. Please submit your report within one week of the program completion date.


If you have any questions about the EEIP form please contact Ngoc Tran, Student Services Officer for Equity and Inclusion, at