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Womxn of Color in Engineering (WOCE)

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WOCE Initiative

WOCE (pronounced “woke”) is a new initiative that seeks to create opportunities to gather Womxn* of Color graduate students in the School of Engineering by supporting year-long student-led programmatic efforts and collaborations across campus. Anyone of any gender and from all backgrounds who support these goals is welcome to attend events and join the group. 

* "womxn” is an inclusive feminist term that encompasses people that identify as: female, femme, non-conforming, non-binary, and/or trans-people


WOCE fulfills its mission to retain and sustain the population of underrepresented womxn* of color engineering graduate students through programmatic efforts and collaborations across campus. We host and help support 3-4 student-led events per quarter centered around each of our four pillars: academic leadership, professional development, community & belonging, and wellness & well-being.


Through this initiative, we promote inclusive spaces for our population of underrepresented womxn of color engineering graduate students that are safe, supportive, and loving within engineering. WOCE empowers our students to become change agents and thought leaders in their own right. This initiative centers the voices, experiences, and dreams of their constituents. WOCE is an initiative created by womxn of color in engineering.

Getting Involved

Keeping up with WOCE involves three simple steps! 

  1. To stay up to date on our upcoming events and announcements from WOCE members please sign up for our email list-serve.
  2. To come hold space, ask questions, or discuss possibilities sign up for our office hours.
  3. To propose a WOCE event** for formal support, please fill out our 5-minute proposal form.


The WOCE team is composed of staff and graduate students in the School of Engineering’s Office of Student Affairs Equity & Inclusion team. 


Abisola Kusimo
 PhD Candidate
 Mechanical Engineering