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Summer Engineering Academy

Stanford Summer Engineering Academy (SSEA) offers incoming first-year students a dynamic, hands-on, intensive four-week residential experience.

Students take math-mindset and computer science courses taught by Stanford faculty and graduate students, and gain exposure to the wealth of resources on campus. SSEA facilitates the transition to Stanford for incoming first-year students who may be underrepresented in engineering fields (women, first generation and/or low income, first in their family to study/pursue an engineering degree, or coming from under-resourced schools or environments with limited exposure to engineering curriculum).

During the academic year, SSEA participants have access to additional advising and support along with a community of peers and mentors to reinforce the skills and strategies acquired during the program.

The Program

SSEA runs from Aug. 3 to Aug. 30, 2019. The four-week program covers bioengineering, biomechanical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, chemical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, management science and engineering, materials science and engineering, and mechanical engineering, as well as math and physics.


Frequently asked questions

The program provides:

  • An overview of the engineering departments and degree programs from Stanford faculty
  • An opportunity to become acquainted with campus and fellow students before fall quarter
  • A fully integrated residential experience
  • Hands-on engineering and science work, including lab projects and field trips
  • Opportunities to interact and engage with Stanford faculty
  • An orientation to the many resources and programs offered at Stanford
  • Dinners with special guests from campus and various industry partners

Meet our 2019 staff


  • Morning sessions giving students a introduction and headstart into computer science and learning computer science at Stanford. 
  • Afternoon sessions giving students the opportunity to engage in the big ideas of calculus, develp a positive relationship with math and provide a basis for success in mathematical courses at Stanford.
  • Sessions exploring technology in society in which students will explore the causes and impacts of newsworthy harmful technology, and learn how Stanford computer scientists are working to create social good.
  • Attendance in class is mandatory; approximately seven hours each day.
  • Dorm activities occur throughout the month.
  • Field trips to San Francisco and other Bay Area sites take place every Saturday.

The application for SSEA is available to incoming Stanford first-year students after they have accepted their Stanford offer of admission. A SUNet ID is required in order to submit an application.



Logistics: Gaby Velazquez, office and diversity programs administrator

Acceptance, advising, and academic matters: Lourdes Andrade, director of diversity & inclusion and SSEA program director

Phone: (650) 723-9636