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Faculty Information

The faculty in the School of Engineering are the foundation of what makes this school great! And the Global Engineering Programs offers a variety of ways for faculty to use their knowledge and experience.

Program Development Seed Grants

The GEP Faculty Seed Grants are intended to support new and existing faculty efforts to provide international learning opportunities for SoE students, as well as explore new locations and program models that GEP could continue in future years. This grant will provide support to faculty to use existing knowledge and international connections to create innovative immersive international opportunities, or add an immersive international component to an existing SoE course or group activity. 

Teaching Opportunities

Host a UGVR Student

The Undergraduate Visiting Researcher (UGVR) program invites a few of the very best undergraduate Chinese students to apply to be part of the REU program. The top Chinese schools with which we have been collaborating include Tsinghua University, Peking University, and University of Science and Technology of China.

Teach a SETS Tour

The purpose of these 2-week programs is to provide first-hand insights into technology and engineering based businesses in developing economies worldwide - from both a global and local perspective. This short program is a great opportunity to encourage students to learn about the world and enhance global engineering education. 

Have questions? Want to suggest a new way for GEP to support faculty efforts? We are all ears!

Victoria W. Bianchi
Global Engineering Programs Manager

Additional Resources

Special Faculty Led Programs
Program Development Seed Grants