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Service-learning Opportunities

The Global Engineering Programs offers two different types of service opportunities:

Summer Service Learning Program (SSLP)

SSLP is a unique opportunity for Engineering students to work on a significant project that supports an international developing community. Students will work on small teams with locals to address a community-requested problem space. All students are also required to participate (audit or enroll) in a 1-unit Spring preparation course. During this course, and the five weeks in the field, students will help to define the project that they think will address the issues they target and work towards an actionable end product or goal.

Engineering in Service International Fellowship

The Engineering in Service International Fellowship is a fellowship program in partnership with the Haas Center for Public Service. It is an exciting opportunity for engineers to apply what they have learned through their academic studies during a summer service practicum experience. Students propose their own summer placements that focus on engineering or technical work for an organization in a developing country.

This program is one of more than 450 Cardinal Quarter opportunities through which Stanford students pursue a full-time summer or quarter-long public service experience with Stanford support.

Example Projects: